Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coud FEDGO be a society in today's world?

A perfect society is perfect everyone, but to achieve that may be impossible.  FEDGO is a society where everyone is supposed to have their own place. It is a place where there are different season on islands, with different jobs and different aspects to each island.  FEDGO is supposed to be a well educated society as well as welcoming and simple, but a nation with all these different characteristics would not work. Although FEDGO has what a transcendentalist society needs, it would not be successful in today’s world.  

The six islands of FEDGO represent a special place where everyone has what they like.  Having islands with a different season is impractical, but the idea of having strong job opportunities is not.  Education is key to any society, and for FEDGO it is the main focus of the culture.  A main problem in 3rd world countries is illiteracy, but in FEDGO almost 100 percent of the population is literate.  Along with education being so important, it is also paid for by the government which helps people in financial situations.  This is also helps with unemployment rate because nearly everyone has a higher degree in education and has gone to school beyond high school.

However, FEDGO’s policy on letting anyone at any time, is taking a risk.  This is also part of the way that the government is run, with little authority.  Unfortunately in the real world everyone is not perfect and respects the rules that are put into place.  Therefore there would have to be more government involvement and more laws with harder consequences.  Also, it is not practical to try and have the government to stay out because to have a system with low crime it needs to be very much a place where the government manages.  If the government is not involved, then lives will get out of control and not be stable. 

  FEDGO is supposed to give citizens a life of simplicity and happiness, but the world today is changing rapidly.  It is now impossible to live without technology and with technology comes complication.  A society without these new ways to do tasks, would immediately fail.  In addition, FEDGO would be a society that wants to move forward with new researching and new ways to be energy efficient.  This will have to use a lot of technology and will be a complicated process.  As well being green, FEDGO’s islands were supposed to bring something new to each island, a different climate and different jobs.  Although this seems like it would be like a fairytale, to have a type of island, it’s impossible to do this in nature.  To make this work, there would have to be a type of fake making of weather systems, which also goes against FEDGO’s natural and organic policy.   Being environmentally sufficient is exactly what FEDGO wants and needs, but to get there will take technology and a big part of time which is not what FEDGO was supposed to be.

FEDGO is what a transcendentalist society can be, but it does not have some key parts that a successful settlement needs. Being well educated is what will help FEDGO succeed, but welcoming and simple is what FEDGO is about and this would help the society fail.  The way that the civilization is set up FEDGO would not survive and although it is a transcendentalist society, it would not work in today’s world.