Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dead Poets Soceity Post

            Throughout the movie, “Dead Poets Society”, there is a evident display of conformity.  In this film, an English teacher, Mr. Keaton expresses how he desperately wants the boys at Welton to go against the grain and be themselves.  At this school it is impractical to not be the cookie cutter, perfect, prep school boy.  Not only are the students expected to be the same, but the teachers all look, teach, talk, and have the same morals.  Mr. Keaton is the exact opposite, and within the teachers, he is the non conformist.  Having this example of someone who can be himself and enjoy it gives the students the vision of being able to also do so.  Although individuals should always be themselves, there are certain things or people that can make staying true to oneself not an option. 
            Not going along with the herd has always been the life lesson of non conformist and transcendentalist.  When one of the students, Neil, decides to follow his passion and join the school play, his conforming parents disapprove.  He is forced to go to a military school, and because of the amount of pressure he is under, he commits suicide.  This is an example when non conformity is a bad thing.  When another student decides to try and anger the administration, he succeeds but is also expelled later on for refusing to conform.  There is always going to be someone holding another back from doing what they want to peruse.   It can be a stranger on the street or someone close.  The influence that is person has on an individual can be the difference of no caring what they think or taking ones life.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modern Day Transcendentalism Post

Transcendentalism seems to be what all individuals want to achieve, simply being themselves.  Today, trying to escape the judgmental and materialistic world and be 100% you is impossible.  Especially being in the spotlight, it seems that very few celebrities are really who they are inside.  Being a transcendentalist does not mean that they have to wear the most outrageous clothes, or say the most unexpected things, but they are just themselves.  Ellen DeGeneres, an openly lesbian comedian/actress is a perfect example of someone who took the risk of being themselves and by doing this has a more fulfilling life.

            Although in the modern age, people are becoming more accepting of  gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transvestites, coming out is one of the hardest things a gay individual has to go through.  Ellen DeGeneres came out in 1997 on The Oprah Winery Show , and later on was a big supporter of things like LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people).  She takes great pride in her sexuality and that is something that many wish they could be.  Although being a lesbian is who she is, it does not effect who she her personality.  Her popular show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has won many Emmy Awards and is well known for Ellen being her humorous, and fun-loving-self.  Not only does Ellen give back to the gay community, but also to the less fortunate.  Being able to own materialistic things is something else everyone wants but Ellen can still give back.  Having hosting the Academy Awards and the Primetime Emmys, it is obvious that she has succeeded in the entertainment business, and that being gay does not affect her in this way.
            Being judged for whom one is, is really the ultimate fear in life.  Everything that an individual does, they second guess themselves because someone could start critiquing them for wearing the clothes they want or, like Ellen, being gay.  Examples of modern day transcendentalism are scarce and now a days is decreasing because people are told who they are supposed to be.  Ellen is not only an example for gays, but for people struggling to be themselves and she is a true transcendentalist.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Walden Essay Post

            When the thought of the perfect life comes to mind, almost all people think of simplicity and pure happiness. Trying to uncomplicated one’s life seems to be the hardest thing to do. Now that there is so much industrial science and new ways to everything, simple becomes something that is far away from where the present day is at. With all of today’s modern technology that is in existence and influence from the rest of the world, it is nearly impossible for the modern age to simplify their lives.
            Since the contemporary society has only been taught how to survive with machines and tools, doing simple tasks now becomes hectic. The lives of the average human are packed with unnecessary stress and pressure. This creates the opposite of simple, extreme detail. “Our life is frittered away by detail” (Walden 490). By wasting time with the internet and others opinions, the population uses up precious time.  The inhabitants of the world are fortunate enough to be alive and to not live their life to the fullest is a misuse.  It is hard to not be influenced by surrounding trends, but today’s civilization must live like they want to, and because that is what they want to do with their own life. 
            A simple life and a boring life are very different, but one can be confused with the other.  Not only must one be motivated to live a life of pure nature for it to be simple, but they must appreciate that aspect of their life as well.  “That man who does not believe that each day contains an earlier, more sacred, and auroral hours than he has yet profaned, has departed of life, and is pursuing a descending and darkening way”(Walden 480-490).  One cannot try and live a simple life because they think they should, or that it is what everyone thinks they should.  They must understand how to live simply and truly want to live in that way.  Part of being an individual is being different and wanting to do things by themselves.  The environment that society lives in now, it is considerably difficult to get away from what has been taught at the beginning.  Since the world does not know how to live a simple life, they can not.
            Being caught up in what the world is doing, and how technology is moving so fast, no one can live a simple life.   A balanced and simple life is ultimate goal in most lives, to get away from unnecessary business and complications.  However, with technology controlling the lives of those who want a simple life, and society being the way it is today, in the modern day people cannot simplify their lives.