Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crucible Blog Post 1

So far throughout the play, the power has been mainly in the hands of the church.  Other than that, the richest people or just the ones who are leaders.  For example, Parris and Putnam have been trying to control the situation.  Also, I think that Abigail’s power goes down because although she told the other girls not to say anything, and they did not, now that Betty has started to accuse more “witches”, she can also control what goes on in Salem.  Since Betty was the first to say, “‘I saw George Jacobs with the Devil!  I saw Goody Howe with the Devil!’” (Page 48) she can almost control what they do next.  Even though Abigail also said she saw more people with the Devil, Betty started it and she can just about end it.

Another way that the power shifts is that how this society is all about men.  Men manage everything that goes on and women have no say.  At this moment, the town has something huge going on and the girls are calling the shots.  If they wanted to, they could blame anyone they wanted to for witchcraft and everyone, including men, will act on this accusation.  “’The marshal, I’ll call the marshal!’” (Page 48).  As soon as they start screaming who has been seen with the devil, no one thinks twice on whether this could be true.  It just is because the girls said it, and now they have the power.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sinners Follow Up Post

When Jonathan Edwards gave this shocking sermon, it was the mid-1700s.  Now, nearly 270 years later, it is curious for most to think of what it would be like if this sermon was first introduced today.  Back then, everyone was religious, and it was all the same religion for the most part.  Currently in the world there are atheists and there are non-Christians, so this would be a big factor because there would not be as many people who are necessarily affected by this.  As a result, something like “the Great Awakening” might not have taken place.  In fact people might just think that Jonathan Edwards is nothing but absolutely out of his mind.  Then again with this technology word would spread fast, it would not take as long because Edwards would not have to go to every town and city to make his point.  Instead people would find out before he could even start his sermon again.  Taking all these into factor, in this day and age the people would have reacted less scared and frightened to “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Post

                In this video, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, it describes this sermon that was giving many years ago in 1741.  This sermon was supposedly the most memorable and frightening sermons ever told.   It seems that at this time New England was filled with sinners who were no longer paying attention and following their religious views.   So Jonathan Edwards want to give them a wakeup call on what will happen.  The sermon also started the Great Awakening which was when colonists started to understand they must obey God or they are doomed. This sermon has been passed down from generation to generation because of its importance and role in the rest of the early American’s religion. 
                After watching this video, I picture that the sermon will include thoughts of Jonathan Edwards about how the people’s life after death is terrifying.  I think that the sermon will include what hell is like from his point of view.  Also, he thinks that is where they are all headed.  This sermon is defiantly supposed to scare these people, and that is why I’m curious to read it.  I except his word choice to be vivid, because he is try to paint a picture of what the outcome will be if there is no salvation.  Lots of imagery will also be evident, because I think Edwards wants us to imagine what it will be like.  He wants the people to understand if they do not start changing, they will not be happy.  I think this was meant to shock these people into starting to act differently.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Descripitive Post

A feild of beige, powered rocks seems to go on forever.  The sand looks like the moon with craters from busy people imprinting the sand.  A small boat planted on the the sand looks as if it was washed to shore after a long adventure.  In the distance, a forest forms a green lining.  Then and endless pool of calm, clear water starts to take over the picture. With waves that look like ripples, the water appears unreal.  Beyond this site is a fire of colors.  Pinks, oranges, reds, and purples fill the sky with a enternal light.  A whisp of clouds fly above the fire, and the light blue of day, starts to become the dark blue of night. They find their space to complete this spectacular view.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Class Expectations

Being in an honors class always comes with expectations. In udents also honors American Lit, studnts are expected to be mature, creative with their writing, and be able to move at a fast learning pace.  Sophomores going into this class have to be mature enough.  They need to have an open mind for what they will be reading.  Therefore, they can start to really understand the literature.  These students also need to be responsable, which comes with maturity.  They have to do their assignments on time and well done.  This all comes with being in an honors class.

In addition to being mature, students must be creative.  To be successful, they have to no only write a strong well developed paper, but approach it differently than other students.  Taking a different angle to a topic will show this creativity.  Also, having an open opinion to things can get students thinking deeper than before.  Not always having the same opinion is good.  This gets sophomores to be more out side the box.  Being creative is an important aspect to being in honors.

Finally, honors American Lit students must learn at a fast pace.  Learing can be very easy if the right teacher is teaching.  If students pay, attention, the experience can be quick.  They can learn new things in an orderly fashion.  It is important that this happens so that they can learn more.  Also the faster it is, then the class can move on quicker.  Overall, to be in honors American Lit students must be mature, creative with writing and learn at a fast pace.

Friday, September 9, 2011

About Me

About ME...I am 15 years old and a sophemore in high school.  I am on the varsity field hockey team, but I also play lacrosse and basektball.  I absoulutely hate when people try and say that girls sports are not as important as boys because that is just annoying and completly untrue. I have a really big obsession with ice cream. I personally just think it is really great. I love to just hang out with my friends and my family. I love laughing. I really love fall even though most people hate it because its not warm, but I like when its colder and then its homecoming and then its halloween and Thanksgiving and finally Christmas.

I have an older sister, Sophia, who is a junior at University of Michigan and we are very close.  I also have an older brother, Joey, who just left for his first year at Kalamazoo College and is also playing baseball there. Sometimes I like being the youngest, but in this case I really hate it because now I am stuck with just my parents and I for the next THREE YEARS. I love family parties with all my cousins because family is really everything.  My one cousin, Addie who is a frosh right now, is like my best friend and I always have the best laughs with her.

I guess I am excited for this year.  I am hoping to focus and work hard because a lot of people say that they wish they worked harder sophemore year.  I am hoping to get more involved in service opportunities and have a lot of things going.  Although it may be busy, I like being busy because it is better than being bored. Well that's me!