Sunday, December 18, 2011

Coud FEDGO be a society in today's world?

A perfect society is perfect everyone, but to achieve that may be impossible.  FEDGO is a society where everyone is supposed to have their own place. It is a place where there are different season on islands, with different jobs and different aspects to each island.  FEDGO is supposed to be a well educated society as well as welcoming and simple, but a nation with all these different characteristics would not work. Although FEDGO has what a transcendentalist society needs, it would not be successful in today’s world.  

The six islands of FEDGO represent a special place where everyone has what they like.  Having islands with a different season is impractical, but the idea of having strong job opportunities is not.  Education is key to any society, and for FEDGO it is the main focus of the culture.  A main problem in 3rd world countries is illiteracy, but in FEDGO almost 100 percent of the population is literate.  Along with education being so important, it is also paid for by the government which helps people in financial situations.  This is also helps with unemployment rate because nearly everyone has a higher degree in education and has gone to school beyond high school.

However, FEDGO’s policy on letting anyone at any time, is taking a risk.  This is also part of the way that the government is run, with little authority.  Unfortunately in the real world everyone is not perfect and respects the rules that are put into place.  Therefore there would have to be more government involvement and more laws with harder consequences.  Also, it is not practical to try and have the government to stay out because to have a system with low crime it needs to be very much a place where the government manages.  If the government is not involved, then lives will get out of control and not be stable. 

  FEDGO is supposed to give citizens a life of simplicity and happiness, but the world today is changing rapidly.  It is now impossible to live without technology and with technology comes complication.  A society without these new ways to do tasks, would immediately fail.  In addition, FEDGO would be a society that wants to move forward with new researching and new ways to be energy efficient.  This will have to use a lot of technology and will be a complicated process.  As well being green, FEDGO’s islands were supposed to bring something new to each island, a different climate and different jobs.  Although this seems like it would be like a fairytale, to have a type of island, it’s impossible to do this in nature.  To make this work, there would have to be a type of fake making of weather systems, which also goes against FEDGO’s natural and organic policy.   Being environmentally sufficient is exactly what FEDGO wants and needs, but to get there will take technology and a big part of time which is not what FEDGO was supposed to be.

FEDGO is what a transcendentalist society can be, but it does not have some key parts that a successful settlement needs. Being well educated is what will help FEDGO succeed, but welcoming and simple is what FEDGO is about and this would help the society fail.  The way that the civilization is set up FEDGO would not survive and although it is a transcendentalist society, it would not work in today’s world. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dead Poets Soceity Post

            Throughout the movie, “Dead Poets Society”, there is a evident display of conformity.  In this film, an English teacher, Mr. Keaton expresses how he desperately wants the boys at Welton to go against the grain and be themselves.  At this school it is impractical to not be the cookie cutter, perfect, prep school boy.  Not only are the students expected to be the same, but the teachers all look, teach, talk, and have the same morals.  Mr. Keaton is the exact opposite, and within the teachers, he is the non conformist.  Having this example of someone who can be himself and enjoy it gives the students the vision of being able to also do so.  Although individuals should always be themselves, there are certain things or people that can make staying true to oneself not an option. 
            Not going along with the herd has always been the life lesson of non conformist and transcendentalist.  When one of the students, Neil, decides to follow his passion and join the school play, his conforming parents disapprove.  He is forced to go to a military school, and because of the amount of pressure he is under, he commits suicide.  This is an example when non conformity is a bad thing.  When another student decides to try and anger the administration, he succeeds but is also expelled later on for refusing to conform.  There is always going to be someone holding another back from doing what they want to peruse.   It can be a stranger on the street or someone close.  The influence that is person has on an individual can be the difference of no caring what they think or taking ones life.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modern Day Transcendentalism Post

Transcendentalism seems to be what all individuals want to achieve, simply being themselves.  Today, trying to escape the judgmental and materialistic world and be 100% you is impossible.  Especially being in the spotlight, it seems that very few celebrities are really who they are inside.  Being a transcendentalist does not mean that they have to wear the most outrageous clothes, or say the most unexpected things, but they are just themselves.  Ellen DeGeneres, an openly lesbian comedian/actress is a perfect example of someone who took the risk of being themselves and by doing this has a more fulfilling life.

            Although in the modern age, people are becoming more accepting of  gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transvestites, coming out is one of the hardest things a gay individual has to go through.  Ellen DeGeneres came out in 1997 on The Oprah Winery Show , and later on was a big supporter of things like LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people).  She takes great pride in her sexuality and that is something that many wish they could be.  Although being a lesbian is who she is, it does not effect who she her personality.  Her popular show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has won many Emmy Awards and is well known for Ellen being her humorous, and fun-loving-self.  Not only does Ellen give back to the gay community, but also to the less fortunate.  Being able to own materialistic things is something else everyone wants but Ellen can still give back.  Having hosting the Academy Awards and the Primetime Emmys, it is obvious that she has succeeded in the entertainment business, and that being gay does not affect her in this way.
            Being judged for whom one is, is really the ultimate fear in life.  Everything that an individual does, they second guess themselves because someone could start critiquing them for wearing the clothes they want or, like Ellen, being gay.  Examples of modern day transcendentalism are scarce and now a days is decreasing because people are told who they are supposed to be.  Ellen is not only an example for gays, but for people struggling to be themselves and she is a true transcendentalist.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Walden Essay Post

            When the thought of the perfect life comes to mind, almost all people think of simplicity and pure happiness. Trying to uncomplicated one’s life seems to be the hardest thing to do. Now that there is so much industrial science and new ways to everything, simple becomes something that is far away from where the present day is at. With all of today’s modern technology that is in existence and influence from the rest of the world, it is nearly impossible for the modern age to simplify their lives.
            Since the contemporary society has only been taught how to survive with machines and tools, doing simple tasks now becomes hectic. The lives of the average human are packed with unnecessary stress and pressure. This creates the opposite of simple, extreme detail. “Our life is frittered away by detail” (Walden 490). By wasting time with the internet and others opinions, the population uses up precious time.  The inhabitants of the world are fortunate enough to be alive and to not live their life to the fullest is a misuse.  It is hard to not be influenced by surrounding trends, but today’s civilization must live like they want to, and because that is what they want to do with their own life. 
            A simple life and a boring life are very different, but one can be confused with the other.  Not only must one be motivated to live a life of pure nature for it to be simple, but they must appreciate that aspect of their life as well.  “That man who does not believe that each day contains an earlier, more sacred, and auroral hours than he has yet profaned, has departed of life, and is pursuing a descending and darkening way”(Walden 480-490).  One cannot try and live a simple life because they think they should, or that it is what everyone thinks they should.  They must understand how to live simply and truly want to live in that way.  Part of being an individual is being different and wanting to do things by themselves.  The environment that society lives in now, it is considerably difficult to get away from what has been taught at the beginning.  Since the world does not know how to live a simple life, they can not.
            Being caught up in what the world is doing, and how technology is moving so fast, no one can live a simple life.   A balanced and simple life is ultimate goal in most lives, to get away from unnecessary business and complications.  However, with technology controlling the lives of those who want a simple life, and society being the way it is today, in the modern day people cannot simplify their lives.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Student Declaration of Independence

We the students of Grosse Pointe South High School find it necessary to band together in order to create a common stronghold, that united shall allow for the dissolution of silly rules and regulations imposed upon us by King Provenzano and the Grosse Pointe School District. It is with all due respect that we bring forth our opinions. It is in doing so that we hope to engage in a quicker absolution of the past and current administrations’ mistakes. Only then can we look to our future within this institution and see that it is bright and beautiful.

Let it be known that we are entitled to certain rights as high school students. Namely, we have the Right to Sanity, Happiness, Physical Well-Being, Expression and Proper Accommodations.  We have been held prisoners in this school for too long. It is as if we are hardened criminals that must do homework or blog until our hands are calloused or fall off.  We are chained to our rooms and not allowed to wander the halls, nor leave a social event for fear we may commit some crime.  Our happiness and physical well-being have been ignored. These administrators should realize that we, as teenagers require more sleep, adequate nutrition and longer lunch hours.  Let’s not forget about our much-needed happiness in order not to commit suicide or deal with depression.  Also, we suffer from inadequate facilities with no air conditioning, ventilation, and no free parking lot that is sufficient enough to accommodate all students. It is our right and duty to provide for all students the necessary elements in order to succeed at this institution of higher education. We must rid this place of old ideals usurped with pain, agony, and suffering which they have inflicted. Hence, we must abolish this fiefdom. We hereby submit as proof of our allegations the following testimony that we do solemnly swear to be the whole truth

<!--[if !supportLists]-->       I.           I.  <!--[endif]-->More Holiday Breaks
When someone who does not know the school walks it, they see hard work, but with that hard work, sleep deprived students and teachers. Sleep can fix many of the things the teachers have issues with the students. If the school introduces more regular holiday breaks, instead of longer holiday breaks. This would give the student body more time to understand the difficult concepts of life, say school has all of Friday Saturday Sunday off. More time to do homework would permit more time to actually understand those lessons. More breaks would permit a healthier school in general.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->    II.           II.  <!--[endif]-->Harmless Pranks Should be Allowed
During spirit week all staff is on the hunt for pranks. Such things as, writing 'senior' on underclassmen's arms. This does not inhibit their class performance in any way. The students are still able to get their books, get to class, and be able to pay attention. The same with Glitter-Bombing; it affects no actual school notion. All that does is make the underclassmen shine a little more. Those are just simple pranks to make the day a little more light hearted; everyone needs a little laughter.

<!--[if !supportLists]--> III.            III. <!--[endif]-->Less Strict Tardy Policies
The planner states that after seven unexcused tardies you fail the class. Instead of the concrete rule the rule should be circumstantial. There are situations that one cannot help, they were bound to happen anyway, there was just bad timing. The rules also permit teachers marking you down because you are tardy. That is not fair; the grade in any class should be based on homework, participation, and book smarts. The proof is in the pudding.
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->
<!--[if !supportLists]--> IV.  <!--[endif]-->S   IV. School Dance Restrictions
Dances are meant to be fun. However, even the simple task of buying a ticket for a dance is complicated by forms and ticket numbers and showing your school I.D. Although they are school run, dances should not be treated like a normal day at school. Those attending should not have to abide by the same strict dress code and above all else should not be forced to stay once they arrive. If you want to leave a dance you should be able to do so at any point during the night.
<!--[if !supportLists]-->    V.           V.  <!--[endif]-->Admission Fees
When attending school sporting events such as football games, students should not have to pay to get in. More students would attend games if admission were free. School teams need encouragement and this would get them a lot more support from the student body. Money would still be made from the cost of tickets for people who are not students or faculty. No admission fee would increase school spirit make games more enjoyable.
<!--[if !supportLists]--> VI.            VI. Attendance
Signing out in the attendance office before leaving school serves no purpose. If a parent must already call the student out there is no reason for that student to also have to go to the attendance office to sign out. This is an unnecessary step that does nothing but complicate a process that should be very simple. An absence should not be marked unexcused if the student did not sign out. Signing out is easy to forget and makes it easy for students to be punished unjustly.   

<!--[if !supportLists]-->VII.            VII. Respect From Teachers
If students must respect their teachers then teachers must also respect their students. Teachers should not be allowed to abuse their authority by mistreating their students. If a student were to disrespect a teacher it would not go unnoticed. However, it is commonly overlooked when a teacher is rude to a student or class. If respect is demanded of us, it should also be demanded of faculty.   
<!--[if !supportLists]-->VIII.          VIII.   <!--[endif]-->Dress Code  
We believe that the dress code is too Puritan at our school. Females should not be forced to wear clothes of a certain length to school. This is a hassle for the parents because they now have to take the student shopping. All this excess shopping can cause money problems for the family. Students should be allowed to wear what they wear outside of school to school.
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->
<!--[if !supportLists]-->IX.   Start and Dismissal Times                                                                                                                                         The time that school starts at Grosse Pointe South High School is too early. Also, the time school ends is too late. Most students attend extracurricular activities after school and must spend the remainder of their day completing their homework. This results in a late bedtime for students. Since school starts so early, the kids come to school sleep-deprived and they are not ready to learn. 
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

<!--[if !supportLists]-->    X.            X.  <!--[endif]-->Parking
Parking spaces at this school are very limited. With such a large student body, we are in need of many more parking spots than we currently have. There are only two free lots at the school which can be far from classes and lockers and they can fill up very easily. The only convenient lot is only available for seniors and costs money. This is extremely inconvenient and causes students to be late for their classes.

Our complaints are very simple and clear.  They are what we require and what needs to change.  We need to be able to dress how we want and be able to leave a school dance when we want.  If we are always told to be independent and to embrace being different then it’s impossible when we have so many restrictions.  When we come home with hours of homework and have to do it all in one night then wake up and do it all over again with not enough time in the day to get our assignments done it get a little hard to do.  We spend hours and hours at our school, but when we go to see a two hour long sporting event we suddenly have to pay to see our peers play.  If you are a student, then you should not have to.  If you are sick and need to go home, but cannot get a hold of your parents you cannot leave.  The fact that you have to get called in is ridiculous; we are in high school, not kindergarten.  A day does not go by when we all feel disrespected by teachers.  If we are not supposed to be sassy to you, then you cannot be sassy to us.  Being yelled at and told what to do and when to do it if when we say one thing back we are simply again yelled at.  Going to school is like working with more pressure so when a holiday is present we should get it off.  This gives us more time to do homework and catch up on sleep that is lost because of school starting to soon.  When we do not turn in an assignment on time, our grade goes down.  When teachers do not grade a paper on time, we deal with it.  When we do not get to class on time, our grade goes down.  When teachers are late, we deal with it. The balance in this school is not fair for one class to be treated over the other.  During spirit week, we want to show our spirit and seniority.  But when we are told that doing this could cause suspension, it changes our harmless game.  If we want to feel like we are actually people and have real rights, then we should be able to do what we want.  We should not have other people bossing us around like salves and having these restrictions makes us become less than what we are.

Sunday, October 16, 2011



The cool fall breeze swept in on an early Tuesday morning in eastern Connecticut. “Katherine,” asked Thomas, “Have you gotten the boys up yet?”

“Aye, they’re getting dressed.” Katherine replied. They each walked around each other with a certain edge; Katherine had something on her mind.

“Tom, you know that it’s not the bad crop of corn that’s been doing the town wrong.”

“Katherine, enough, it’s not witchcraft you’re talking about. Some people are just ill.”

The small town of, St. Mary, had many secrets but Thomas Young knew that witchcraft was not one of them. For Katherine to keep nagging him about witchcraft, it bothered him to point where he had to leave the house and start the day without more disagreement.

As Thomas started to get ready to harvest, Katherine could not get witchcraft out of her mind. It kept on coming back like she was just throwing up these thoughts. She got Jonny and Luke up for their breakfast, but soon went back to her mind wondering and went out to talk with Thomas.

“I really think you should start to consider it Tom. It’s not mad. There have been plenty of other towns who have had it, quick to start the trials, and then the witches are gone.”

“Stop it! I told you no more talking about it. It’s not witches, and that’s it!” They both stood there for a while thinking about what is being said.

“Morning Tom,” Joseph Buker, their neighbor, said.  “Can I have a word with you…Alone?”


“Did you hear about the reverend?”

“Yes sick.  Food poisoning.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.  And if anyone wants to say different they are mad.”  Tom looked like he was going to burst.  “I have to get back to work. Good day.”

“But Tom—“

“I have to go!”

            The day went on and Katherine still couldn’t get out of her mind.  She knew she could not bring it back up so she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She went down to the town’s church, and talked to the reverend.

            “I hope you are doing alright.”

            “Yes, yes I am fine I just hope that I will feel better.  Would you like some tea?”

            Katherine nodded and pulled out a minuscule bottle of some clear liquid.  While he prepared the tea she slipped in the liquid to only his glass.  They then drank the tea, and she said she had to leave.

            The next day reverend was found dead, with a cause not found, but before Tom could find out about this, Katherine started talking him. 

            “I am sorry for all the talk Thomas.  I was just worried but now I know that talking about makes it worse.”

            “It’s alright.  I need to start early today, so I’ll go out now.”

            She wasn’t satisfied.  She wanted an apology, but clearly that was not  She was getting angrier, and she couldn’t control herself.  Once she got the boys up and out, she started making some stew, but she added something to the mixture, yet again.  She went in her room, and thought about Salem.  How she started the same thing, when she heard Thomas knocking on the door.

            “You need to come here, now.”  She followed him back to their shed.

            “Have you heard about reverend?”

            “No, what happened?”

            “Some one said you were the last to see him.”

            “Last you see him when?”

            “Before he died, were you?”

            “Thomas no!  I went to see him, but I surely was not the last to.”

            “If this has anything to do with witchcraft—“

            “I told you I was done with that!”


            “What did you just call me?”

            “I didn’t, Katherine—“

            “You know I don’t like to be called that.”  She was shaking now.  “I came from a place where I had to leave.  I had to get rid of everything that reminded me of there so I changed my name and left.  You know this.  And you know I wasn’t the last to see him.”  Breathing heavily she started to go back inside.

            “I can’t, I can’t’ trust that.”  His voice was slow but scared.

            “Then you can’t trust me.” She turned and walked back into the house were she put the stew into dishes and set the table.

            When Tom came in, neither of them said a word.  She watched her two children eat the dinner she had made and then watched her husband eat their dinner.  She didn’t touch the food, but watched her family fall to the ground, dead.  She immediately ran into town.

            “It’s witchcraft!  I saw Goody Jones with the devil and now my families dead!” 

            Abigail Williams had done it again.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crucible Essay

When the town of Salem started the witch trials, Abigail Williams was the honest starter of the whole thing. With Mary Warren on her side, all they needed was someone to tick someone off, and that was John Proctor.  With Proctor having so much power over the town it was him who helped a lot with them.  The Salem Witch Trials were a very unfair, biased, and based on these three characters controlling the whole outcome.

As much as John Proctor did not believe in witch’s and did not want to get involved with the trials, he had a part with deciding what would happen. The affair with Abigail really started it, but then when Proctor ended things, Abigail could not handle it and in her mind she had to somehow get Proctor back.   Proctor has planted the idea in Abigail’s head that he still loves her, and this makes Abigail think that she has to get rid of Elizabeth, even though she already tried to.  “You drank a charm to kill John Proctor’s wife”(19)!  Proctor wants things to be over and for Abigail to know that they are forever done with, but he just cannot seem to do it.  “Abby I may think of you softly from time to time”(23).  He is setting himself up for disaster, by not really destroying any form of hope for there love to continue.  Now Abigail knows that she has to have Proctor, and thus the witch trials begin.

            When Mary Warren is first introduced, it is obvious she is a straight up push over.  “What’ll we do?  The village is out!  I just come from the farm; the whole country’s talkin’ witchcraft!  They’ll be callin’ us witches, Abby”(18)!  Mary wants to avoid trouble and just confess, and if someone would tell her to tell the truth, she would. Later on Abigail just tells her to shut up,(20), and of course Mary does it.  Soon after she is put onto Proctors “team”, and goes to court to tell the truth, but once again she can not handle it and actually stand up for what she believes in and cracks.  “My name, he want my name.  ‘I’ll murder you,’ he says, ‘if my wife hangs!  We must go and overthrow the court,’ he says”(119)!  Mary turns on him in a second as soon as she starts to get accused, just like everyone else in Salem.  Her character almost represents the whole town of Salem, because they believe anything they here, and will stab everyone in the back as long as they do not get charged.  Although there is some good in Salem, most of them are just Mary Warrens. 

            The most obvious and who really makes this whole story, is Abigail Williams.  She starts out with lying and ends with lying.  From the random outburst of cold, to sticking a pin in her side just so it would seem like Elizabeth Proctor is actually witch, Abigail would not stop at nothing.  “…I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you(20).  She starts off getting all the girls on her side to lie, by telling them if they tell, she will just kill them.  Then she starts accusing whoever she wants.  “I saw Sarah Good with the Devil!  I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil”(48)!  Then, after Mary Warren comes to court and tries to put an end to this, she throws her own friend under the bus.  “Oh, Heavenly Father, take away this shadow”(109)!  Abigail did not understand the importance of loyalty and truth, she just was trying to save herself and bring other people down.
            In the end of the story, all honesty is lost and no one can be trusted.  The witch trials were unfair and clearly not handled well, but John Proctor, Mary Warren, and Abigail Williams were the ones most responsible for them. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crucible Blog Post 2

In the Crucible, John Proctor is faced with the decision of standing up for his beliefs, or going along with the town to save himself.  The Crucible takes place in a time were everyone all had the same opinion because you did not want to be different.  Now it’s the same way, but if you actually didn’t believe in something and said it, you wouldn’t be on trial for witch craft and most likely be hanged.  There have been many cases when I knew that if I said I liked something that no one else did, people would have thought I was weird.  Then again, there have been times when I have been in the situation of people speaking there beliefs that I do not agree with, and I definitely said what I believed.  I think there is a difference between beliefs and trying to fit in.  But I was not in the position with my life on the line.

 In this scenario, I would honestly try to stand up for what I believe and say that everyone should stop with this nonsense, maybe some people would support me.  The main question of this is would you die for what you believe in and I think that I would.  I think that if you are a coward and a push over you will have a miserable life.  I would rather die for believing in something than live a long life of being told what to do.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crucible Blog Post 1

So far throughout the play, the power has been mainly in the hands of the church.  Other than that, the richest people or just the ones who are leaders.  For example, Parris and Putnam have been trying to control the situation.  Also, I think that Abigail’s power goes down because although she told the other girls not to say anything, and they did not, now that Betty has started to accuse more “witches”, she can also control what goes on in Salem.  Since Betty was the first to say, “‘I saw George Jacobs with the Devil!  I saw Goody Howe with the Devil!’” (Page 48) she can almost control what they do next.  Even though Abigail also said she saw more people with the Devil, Betty started it and she can just about end it.

Another way that the power shifts is that how this society is all about men.  Men manage everything that goes on and women have no say.  At this moment, the town has something huge going on and the girls are calling the shots.  If they wanted to, they could blame anyone they wanted to for witchcraft and everyone, including men, will act on this accusation.  “’The marshal, I’ll call the marshal!’” (Page 48).  As soon as they start screaming who has been seen with the devil, no one thinks twice on whether this could be true.  It just is because the girls said it, and now they have the power.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sinners Follow Up Post

When Jonathan Edwards gave this shocking sermon, it was the mid-1700s.  Now, nearly 270 years later, it is curious for most to think of what it would be like if this sermon was first introduced today.  Back then, everyone was religious, and it was all the same religion for the most part.  Currently in the world there are atheists and there are non-Christians, so this would be a big factor because there would not be as many people who are necessarily affected by this.  As a result, something like “the Great Awakening” might not have taken place.  In fact people might just think that Jonathan Edwards is nothing but absolutely out of his mind.  Then again with this technology word would spread fast, it would not take as long because Edwards would not have to go to every town and city to make his point.  Instead people would find out before he could even start his sermon again.  Taking all these into factor, in this day and age the people would have reacted less scared and frightened to “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" Post

                In this video, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”, it describes this sermon that was giving many years ago in 1741.  This sermon was supposedly the most memorable and frightening sermons ever told.   It seems that at this time New England was filled with sinners who were no longer paying attention and following their religious views.   So Jonathan Edwards want to give them a wakeup call on what will happen.  The sermon also started the Great Awakening which was when colonists started to understand they must obey God or they are doomed. This sermon has been passed down from generation to generation because of its importance and role in the rest of the early American’s religion. 
                After watching this video, I picture that the sermon will include thoughts of Jonathan Edwards about how the people’s life after death is terrifying.  I think that the sermon will include what hell is like from his point of view.  Also, he thinks that is where they are all headed.  This sermon is defiantly supposed to scare these people, and that is why I’m curious to read it.  I except his word choice to be vivid, because he is try to paint a picture of what the outcome will be if there is no salvation.  Lots of imagery will also be evident, because I think Edwards wants us to imagine what it will be like.  He wants the people to understand if they do not start changing, they will not be happy.  I think this was meant to shock these people into starting to act differently.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Descripitive Post

A feild of beige, powered rocks seems to go on forever.  The sand looks like the moon with craters from busy people imprinting the sand.  A small boat planted on the the sand looks as if it was washed to shore after a long adventure.  In the distance, a forest forms a green lining.  Then and endless pool of calm, clear water starts to take over the picture. With waves that look like ripples, the water appears unreal.  Beyond this site is a fire of colors.  Pinks, oranges, reds, and purples fill the sky with a enternal light.  A whisp of clouds fly above the fire, and the light blue of day, starts to become the dark blue of night. They find their space to complete this spectacular view.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Class Expectations

Being in an honors class always comes with expectations. In udents also honors American Lit, studnts are expected to be mature, creative with their writing, and be able to move at a fast learning pace.  Sophomores going into this class have to be mature enough.  They need to have an open mind for what they will be reading.  Therefore, they can start to really understand the literature.  These students also need to be responsable, which comes with maturity.  They have to do their assignments on time and well done.  This all comes with being in an honors class.

In addition to being mature, students must be creative.  To be successful, they have to no only write a strong well developed paper, but approach it differently than other students.  Taking a different angle to a topic will show this creativity.  Also, having an open opinion to things can get students thinking deeper than before.  Not always having the same opinion is good.  This gets sophomores to be more out side the box.  Being creative is an important aspect to being in honors.

Finally, honors American Lit students must learn at a fast pace.  Learing can be very easy if the right teacher is teaching.  If students pay, attention, the experience can be quick.  They can learn new things in an orderly fashion.  It is important that this happens so that they can learn more.  Also the faster it is, then the class can move on quicker.  Overall, to be in honors American Lit students must be mature, creative with writing and learn at a fast pace.

Friday, September 9, 2011

About Me

About ME...I am 15 years old and a sophemore in high school.  I am on the varsity field hockey team, but I also play lacrosse and basektball.  I absoulutely hate when people try and say that girls sports are not as important as boys because that is just annoying and completly untrue. I have a really big obsession with ice cream. I personally just think it is really great. I love to just hang out with my friends and my family. I love laughing. I really love fall even though most people hate it because its not warm, but I like when its colder and then its homecoming and then its halloween and Thanksgiving and finally Christmas.

I have an older sister, Sophia, who is a junior at University of Michigan and we are very close.  I also have an older brother, Joey, who just left for his first year at Kalamazoo College and is also playing baseball there. Sometimes I like being the youngest, but in this case I really hate it because now I am stuck with just my parents and I for the next THREE YEARS. I love family parties with all my cousins because family is really everything.  My one cousin, Addie who is a frosh right now, is like my best friend and I always have the best laughs with her.

I guess I am excited for this year.  I am hoping to focus and work hard because a lot of people say that they wish they worked harder sophemore year.  I am hoping to get more involved in service opportunities and have a lot of things going.  Although it may be busy, I like being busy because it is better than being bored. Well that's me!