Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dead Poets Soceity Post

            Throughout the movie, “Dead Poets Society”, there is a evident display of conformity.  In this film, an English teacher, Mr. Keaton expresses how he desperately wants the boys at Welton to go against the grain and be themselves.  At this school it is impractical to not be the cookie cutter, perfect, prep school boy.  Not only are the students expected to be the same, but the teachers all look, teach, talk, and have the same morals.  Mr. Keaton is the exact opposite, and within the teachers, he is the non conformist.  Having this example of someone who can be himself and enjoy it gives the students the vision of being able to also do so.  Although individuals should always be themselves, there are certain things or people that can make staying true to oneself not an option. 
            Not going along with the herd has always been the life lesson of non conformist and transcendentalist.  When one of the students, Neil, decides to follow his passion and join the school play, his conforming parents disapprove.  He is forced to go to a military school, and because of the amount of pressure he is under, he commits suicide.  This is an example when non conformity is a bad thing.  When another student decides to try and anger the administration, he succeeds but is also expelled later on for refusing to conform.  There is always going to be someone holding another back from doing what they want to peruse.   It can be a stranger on the street or someone close.  The influence that is person has on an individual can be the difference of no caring what they think or taking ones life.  

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