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The cool fall breeze swept in on an early Tuesday morning in eastern Connecticut. “Katherine,” asked Thomas, “Have you gotten the boys up yet?”

“Aye, they’re getting dressed.” Katherine replied. They each walked around each other with a certain edge; Katherine had something on her mind.

“Tom, you know that it’s not the bad crop of corn that’s been doing the town wrong.”

“Katherine, enough, it’s not witchcraft you’re talking about. Some people are just ill.”

The small town of, St. Mary, had many secrets but Thomas Young knew that witchcraft was not one of them. For Katherine to keep nagging him about witchcraft, it bothered him to point where he had to leave the house and start the day without more disagreement.

As Thomas started to get ready to harvest, Katherine could not get witchcraft out of her mind. It kept on coming back like she was just throwing up these thoughts. She got Jonny and Luke up for their breakfast, but soon went back to her mind wondering and went out to talk with Thomas.

“I really think you should start to consider it Tom. It’s not mad. There have been plenty of other towns who have had it, quick to start the trials, and then the witches are gone.”

“Stop it! I told you no more talking about it. It’s not witches, and that’s it!” They both stood there for a while thinking about what is being said.

“Morning Tom,” Joseph Buker, their neighbor, said.  “Can I have a word with you…Alone?”


“Did you hear about the reverend?”

“Yes sick.  Food poisoning.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.  And if anyone wants to say different they are mad.”  Tom looked like he was going to burst.  “I have to get back to work. Good day.”

“But Tom—“

“I have to go!”

            The day went on and Katherine still couldn’t get out of her mind.  She knew she could not bring it back up so she decided to take matters into her own hands.  She went down to the town’s church, and talked to the reverend.

            “I hope you are doing alright.”

            “Yes, yes I am fine I just hope that I will feel better.  Would you like some tea?”

            Katherine nodded and pulled out a minuscule bottle of some clear liquid.  While he prepared the tea she slipped in the liquid to only his glass.  They then drank the tea, and she said she had to leave.

            The next day reverend was found dead, with a cause not found, but before Tom could find out about this, Katherine started talking him. 

            “I am sorry for all the talk Thomas.  I was just worried but now I know that talking about makes it worse.”

            “It’s alright.  I need to start early today, so I’ll go out now.”

            She wasn’t satisfied.  She wanted an apology, but clearly that was not  She was getting angrier, and she couldn’t control herself.  Once she got the boys up and out, she started making some stew, but she added something to the mixture, yet again.  She went in her room, and thought about Salem.  How she started the same thing, when she heard Thomas knocking on the door.

            “You need to come here, now.”  She followed him back to their shed.

            “Have you heard about reverend?”

            “No, what happened?”

            “Some one said you were the last to see him.”

            “Last you see him when?”

            “Before he died, were you?”

            “Thomas no!  I went to see him, but I surely was not the last to.”

            “If this has anything to do with witchcraft—“

            “I told you I was done with that!”


            “What did you just call me?”

            “I didn’t, Katherine—“

            “You know I don’t like to be called that.”  She was shaking now.  “I came from a place where I had to leave.  I had to get rid of everything that reminded me of there so I changed my name and left.  You know this.  And you know I wasn’t the last to see him.”  Breathing heavily she started to go back inside.

            “I can’t, I can’t’ trust that.”  His voice was slow but scared.

            “Then you can’t trust me.” She turned and walked back into the house were she put the stew into dishes and set the table.

            When Tom came in, neither of them said a word.  She watched her two children eat the dinner she had made and then watched her husband eat their dinner.  She didn’t touch the food, but watched her family fall to the ground, dead.  She immediately ran into town.

            “It’s witchcraft!  I saw Goody Jones with the devil and now my families dead!” 

            Abigail Williams had done it again.

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  1. Love the story Franny! I really like how you changed their names, it made the epilogue less obvious it was about her life. Poisoning her family and restarting the witch trials is without a doubt something she would do.