Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crucible Blog Post 2

In the Crucible, John Proctor is faced with the decision of standing up for his beliefs, or going along with the town to save himself.  The Crucible takes place in a time were everyone all had the same opinion because you did not want to be different.  Now it’s the same way, but if you actually didn’t believe in something and said it, you wouldn’t be on trial for witch craft and most likely be hanged.  There have been many cases when I knew that if I said I liked something that no one else did, people would have thought I was weird.  Then again, there have been times when I have been in the situation of people speaking there beliefs that I do not agree with, and I definitely said what I believed.  I think there is a difference between beliefs and trying to fit in.  But I was not in the position with my life on the line.

 In this scenario, I would honestly try to stand up for what I believe and say that everyone should stop with this nonsense, maybe some people would support me.  The main question of this is would you die for what you believe in and I think that I would.  I think that if you are a coward and a push over you will have a miserable life.  I would rather die for believing in something than live a long life of being told what to do.

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