Friday, March 2, 2012

Faust Legend

The earth was jagged and destroyed from a disaster only the devil could have fashioned.  Once stood the amazing Widdilton farm of the rarest wildflowers.  Flower farms are rare by themselves, but the Widdilton garden had acres and acres of the most exclusive and unique flowers.  Colors ranging from deep royal blue to orange as bright as the sun.  But in the center of the garden were the most beautiful blossom, the everlasting white rose.
Margaret Widdilton had been living on her father’s farm her whole life and that is how the family made their money, by selling the stunning flowers.   She had grown up knowing the beauty and the significance of the rare white rose, and knew that it would never be sold to anyone. 
 When her son Jack was born she told him everyday “And here is the white rose, which never dies and is never sold. They represent something far more than a beautiful rose, they represent souls.”  Each day she took a walk admiring the flowers just when the sun was coming up, and even in the darkest dawns the white roses glowed with a chilling brightness.
Jack Widdilton had been raised in the quaint house that sat beyond the farm, and did not see the importance of the blossomed flowers.  He wanted to get into a more modern business, but could not leave his widowed mother with no other help around the farm, she wouldn't let him. 

So he decided he had had enough of the boring farm life and needed to get this farm out of his hands.  One day when his mother was out admiring the flowers he had worker slip in poison into her morning tea.
Soon Margret became sick and could not take her morning walks around the farm, and not long after she was tired she could not get out of bed.  She asked her son to bring her a white rose from the garden and he set it on the nightstand next her one last time.  Then she told him how important it was to never sell the white roses to anyone.  Jack promised he would not fail at her last request.  Margret looked at the flower next to her one last time and took her last breath.
Three days later, Jack heard six knocks at the door.  There stood a man with a stench you could smell from a mile away.  Jack could barely make out the old man’s face dressed in all black.
“Can I help you?”
“I would like to ask you something.”  The man managed to cough out.  “I have heard of the roses, the rarest whitest everlasting roses that are in the garden.”
“Yes, what about them?”
“I would like to offer you $100,000 for the roses.”
        Jack thought about this offer, he thought of all the things he could do with the amount of money this strange man was offering him.  He could finally go into his own business and make a fortune for himself.
        “No, no.  They are not for sale, but our other flowers you could purchase.”
        “No those are the ones I want.”
        For the course of the next week, the bizarre man came back every day, raising his price for the roses.  But each day Jack looked over at the white rose still living without water, and declined the offer.  This time the man came to house, and Jack opened the door before he could knock.
        “I am not going to sell the roses, please stop coming here.”
        “Today, I offer you five million dollars.  Before you say no, think of what you could do. You could by a nice, big house.  You could invest in something and become the wealthiest man alive.  You could never work a day in life, if you really wish. Just think about it.”
        Jack thought he was thinking about it, but he was already thinking about all the possibilities.  Before the man could say something else, Jack had already agreed to the arrangement. 
His life immediately changed and was soon living the life that every man dreamed of.  Jack had women falling over him, money coming in everyday, his profit growing bigger and bigger.  And each day he looked at the white rose and thought of how happy he thought he was. 
Jack started getting investment plans from crime leaders.  He again like before rejected them, but soon gave in.  He did this every chance he got to get a little more money.  People had begged him to give them part of his fortune to charity, or donate to something that would benefit the public, but he rejected them and would never cave.
After years and years of his dirty ways of making money, he thought he had enough and wanted to retire.  He was starting to settle into a new way of life, when he noticed the everlasting white rose was losing its glow.  Jack added fresh water to  the vase that rarely was dusted or kept clean.  However, the rose each day got worse and worse and started to turn an ugly gray. 
Shortly after, Jack came down from his 2nd floor of his enchanting mansion, and heard 6 short knocks at the door 3 times.  He opened the heavy door and could not see the dark figure standing in the distance, but it came rushing forward, into the house.  He stopped and circled around the table that the rose sat on. 
        The dark figure was dressed in the same clothes the strange man wore when Jack had first sold the roses, but his face was much different.  Underneath the hood of the man was a face bright red and scared with burns.  His eyes were a bright yellow and looked as if they were an everlasting fire. 
        “Who are you? What are you doing here?” Jack shook.
        “I am here to take you, to take your soul.”
        Jack didn’t understand, he ran to were the rose was and held it tight, but it became deep black and all the petals were rough and dry.  He turned back to where the man was and heard the short cackling as a black horse came down the street in the rain.  The man told Jack to come with him, but before Jack could say no his feet were lifted from the ground and the rose was gone.

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