Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gothic Lit Story

Have you seen the mask that stands alone in Cleminson hall? Most people take a look, but pass by it shuddering in fear of the strange mask. By doing this they are right, they should not stare too long at the mask because there lives a soul that cannot escape his misfortune.
  David Flucker almost graduated in one of the early years at Grosse Pointe South.  He was a joker amongst many things.  His last name was an unfortunate reminder of how he could be made fun at any second, take out the "l" and he is a dead man.  From a young age David knew he had to avoid this, so he would make a joke out of everything there was, even other students before they could make fun of him.  He particularly loved to pick on James Jones, one of the smartest kids in the class.  Every day there was something that Flucker could pick on him about.  Most of the students in the class that year were friends, everyone except whoever Flucker and his friends could pick on.  James had had enough of the nonsense that went on everyday.  He knew Flucker was going to try and set a prank the night before graduation.  He had been working on a mask that looked like a joker, perfect for his pal Flucker. It was painted beautiful simple white, with exaggerated eyebrows, and diamonds over the eye wholes.  The lips are a deep black with hints of red, and there are ribbons coming out of the ears in gold, white, and red.
James looked at the mask and added a special top coat of paint then he said the words "Trapped forever, Flucker will be the joker of enternity. Put on the mask and feel a cool draft. When the clock strikes 12, stuck in place, face erased, trapped forever."

The rest of the class was meeting at Clemeinson that night at promptly 11:30 pm to make there mark at Grosee Pointe South.  They decided to break everything in the hall from old vases to chandlers to the administrators’ most prized possessions.  They had been drinking there parents finest liquor and were up to no good when the arrived at the school.
When they got there Flucker saw James standing there with his beautifully crafted mask. 
"Cool mask James!" Everyone laughed as they always did.
“Thanks Flucker.” James whispered.
“Give me it!” Flucker shouted. 
Flucker seized it from James’s grasp and threw it at the ground with all his force, but to his surprise, it didn’t brake.  The mask was perfectly facing up without a chip, looking as if it was glaring.  He picked it up again and this time threw at James, but missed.  It fell to the ground again without a brake. 
“Why don’t you put it on Flucker?!” One of the classmates said.
“Yeah! Put it on David!” Another one yelled.
Flucker put on the mask and started mimicking James.  He was dancing around and pretending to be a nerd.  Everyone was encouraging him, but then the clock struck 12 and the room turned cooled.  Everyone stopped laughing and turned to Flucker who had stopped entertaining them.
“Now you will never be able to laugh at me again!”  James snickered.
Flucker went to snap something back at him, but his voice didn’t make a sound.  He tried to take off the mask , but it felt almost stuck. 
The students around him stood frozen, they knew something was wrong.  He tried to say something again but all that came out was a muffled voice.  Flucker ran to where James and tried to hit him, but his hand kept missing, his voice kept getting strained.  Flucker took his hands and attached them firmly to the mask and pulled as hard as he could, but nothing budged. 
He charged at James again, but ran into the wall.  No one moved they all were yelling at Flucker to stop, but he couldn’t hear them anymore.  He ran around the room twisting and turning, hoping for the mask to come loose.  The rest of the class didn’t know what else to do, some of them fled the hall, some of them tried to help get the mask off, but felt a sharp pain as soon as they touched the disguise. 
“You will never get it off Flucker.  You are stuck.  Stuck forever!” James yelped in delight.  “Soon you won’t be able to even breath.”
They all got turned to James as he ran out of the hall, cackling.  Flucker fell to the ground, gasping for air, even though no one could hear him struggling.  His body was contorting in every way, scrambling to restore himself to a normal position.  He finally lay flat and his body seemed to sink into the ground, and before he or anyone else could help him, his body vanished from the bitter room, never to be seen or heard again.  Now the mask is hung with the voice and mind of David Flucker trapped in the empty spaces of the mask, trying to get out, but trapped for eternity. 

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