Friday, June 8, 2012

Evernote Feedback

The best part about using Evernote was having it save when you would write.  One thing that was a problem for me in using things like Microsoft Word was that they do not save automatically and I always lose documents.  Evernote seems to always save my documents.  Evernote was also better than taking notes on the iPad Notes app.  It had more options to different text options like sizes or bullet points. I don't have to always email myself the notes I took.  All the notes I took were stored there on my account.  That was something that was very tedious and Evernote gets ride of that problem.   Evernote Problems The problems with Evernote was that it does not have a good enough spell check.  When taking notes, you have to go very fast to type everything on an iPad. A lot of words get missed spelled and Evernote does not catch all of them. That's a big problem because when I start to write papers it does not get the spelling errors and the gramatical errors.  Another thing that was a problem was the having it all stored on the internet. Sometimes my internet wasn't working and then I wouldn't have access to my notes.  Also, it was hard to study my notes because they weren't right with me, they were on a screen.  I find it  harder to learn with out physically having notes with me on paper. Evernote Suggestions  Some suggestions for Evernote would to be to get a better spell check.  That really is a problem that I think would make it a much better site.  I also think that if the district got a 1:1 iPads for every student that they should all have to use Evernote that has premium features.  This way they are taking the best notes possible.  If Evernote was maybe more like Microsoft and had a lot more options it would be a better app to use.  Also if it was a little more user friendly, or if we had more instructions on how to use it.  It could really be helpful to note taking though.  Evernote was a great tool to take notes, but could be a lot better for students using iPads in school. 

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