Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crucible Blog Post 1

So far throughout the play, the power has been mainly in the hands of the church.  Other than that, the richest people or just the ones who are leaders.  For example, Parris and Putnam have been trying to control the situation.  Also, I think that Abigail’s power goes down because although she told the other girls not to say anything, and they did not, now that Betty has started to accuse more “witches”, she can also control what goes on in Salem.  Since Betty was the first to say, “‘I saw George Jacobs with the Devil!  I saw Goody Howe with the Devil!’” (Page 48) she can almost control what they do next.  Even though Abigail also said she saw more people with the Devil, Betty started it and she can just about end it.

Another way that the power shifts is that how this society is all about men.  Men manage everything that goes on and women have no say.  At this moment, the town has something huge going on and the girls are calling the shots.  If they wanted to, they could blame anyone they wanted to for witchcraft and everyone, including men, will act on this accusation.  “’The marshal, I’ll call the marshal!’” (Page 48).  As soon as they start screaming who has been seen with the devil, no one thinks twice on whether this could be true.  It just is because the girls said it, and now they have the power.

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