Sunday, September 11, 2011

Class Expectations

Being in an honors class always comes with expectations. In udents also honors American Lit, studnts are expected to be mature, creative with their writing, and be able to move at a fast learning pace.  Sophomores going into this class have to be mature enough.  They need to have an open mind for what they will be reading.  Therefore, they can start to really understand the literature.  These students also need to be responsable, which comes with maturity.  They have to do their assignments on time and well done.  This all comes with being in an honors class.

In addition to being mature, students must be creative.  To be successful, they have to no only write a strong well developed paper, but approach it differently than other students.  Taking a different angle to a topic will show this creativity.  Also, having an open opinion to things can get students thinking deeper than before.  Not always having the same opinion is good.  This gets sophomores to be more out side the box.  Being creative is an important aspect to being in honors.

Finally, honors American Lit students must learn at a fast pace.  Learing can be very easy if the right teacher is teaching.  If students pay, attention, the experience can be quick.  They can learn new things in an orderly fashion.  It is important that this happens so that they can learn more.  Also the faster it is, then the class can move on quicker.  Overall, to be in honors American Lit students must be mature, creative with writing and learn at a fast pace.

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